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This below guide Fairygodmother72 wrote is a lie! Do not take note of this complete rubbish!

Firstly, LighterLife (useless) classes cost £76 a week and not as she stated £66! Secondly, it's complete rubbish about it being so medically controlled. I was told to get my doctor to sign and that was it. You have a routine blood pressure check which you have to go and do yourself at a chemists etc, once a month. Which some people choose to do anyway. There is no other medical guidance or doctor you see through them at all.

Secondly, the 'counsellor' has no qualifications what so ever. Simply is taught by LighterLife on how to sell sell sell and puts on a weekly DVD for the week of LighterLife you are on. That is it. My LighterLife counsellor was a very large plus size (bigger than any of us taking the classes just to lose a stone or two) yet would make out that our lives are doomed as we're a size 14-16!! (When she was about a size 26!) We were pressurised into losing a full three stone or more and keeping on it as long as possible (making them more money) when in fact the majority of us simply wanted to lose 2 stone only, to a size 12 - not an 8 or 10. So this is why I found that actually buying a month or two months supply is much better.

Lastly, it's ridiculous saying you'll save money signing up to a class - what a laugh!! You're tied into 12 weeks to start with - which comes to over £900 - and that's if you choose not to buy anything extra they try to push onto you. Then that's just the start over. You then have another load of those for 'Management' and another load of those for 'Maintenance'. - So it actually ends up costing you around £3,000 if you manage to do it all to the minimum and quickly. So ignore the stupid brainwashing on here saying just sign up to classes - if they were that miraculous my 'counsellor' wouldn't have been a size 26 would she (and before you're wondering like I was whether she'd been double that and slimmed down, she hadn't. My friend had attended classes 18 months before and she was the same then.) So forget the stupid brainwashing and as long as you're not paying over the odds for it on auction sites, then there's no problem doing it yourself or with friends instead at all.

All the best! x



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