Lighting your Canvas Art

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Just a quick guide about different temperature lighting & it's effects on photographs, paintings & giclee canvas art.

How many of us have taken a photo at home under normal incandescent lights, namely the light bulb in the middle of your ceiling. What did you notice about the end result once your photos had been developed? An orange cast across every thing, caused by the higher temperature of this type of lighting. At the ever end of the scale we have Fluorescent lighting found in many kitchens & office blocks. This type of lighting gives a blue/green cast to photos, making them really rather ugly in appearance.

Yet during this photographic process did you notice a different colour hue to objects & people you have photographed? the answer will be No, as the human eye automatically adjusts to different temperature lighting without us noticing any colour casts, what a wonderful thing the human eye is.

With these points in mind, you can change the feeling of your canvas art by changing the type of lighting used to illuminate your art work. Go on give it a try & see the effect & different mood you can invoke in your home. so why do they design homes with a single light in the middle of the room...that's a question for another guide.

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