Lightscribe Technology - Questions & Answers

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Lightscribe Technology was invented by Hewlett Packard and is starting to become a standard in most high end PC DVD recorders. This gives the DVD burner the ability to etch a label on the top surface of the DVD or CD by burning a coating that companies apply to the top of the media.

Q:  Can a lightscribe burner put a label on any CD or DVD?
A:   No.. only lightscribe media can be etched.  A Lightscribe burner can burn data to any CD or DVD format.

Q:  Can lightscribe make a label in color?
A:   No.. currently the etching is only shades of black and grey on a gold surface.  

Q:  What’s the advantage of using lightscribe?
A:   Lightscribe is much like a thermal printer in a sense.  You can have great detail in your labels and they do not smudge like a marker or printed labels.  Lightscribe does not fade, smear or scratch off.

Q:  What types of labels can I make with lightscribe?
A:  What ever you can imagine, you can put on a lightscribe label.  You can cut and past pictures, clipart, homemade images or just text.

Q:  How do I apply the label?
A:  All Lightscribe burners come with some sort of software that will allow you to etch labels on the top of the DVD.  You simply flip the CD or DVD over (top side is now down) and once the label is created with the software you simply burn it to the CD or DVD much like you would data or music.

Q:  How long does it take to burn a label?
A:  This depends on how detailed your label is.  It can take as short as 2 minutes or as long as 15 minutes.

Q:  Where do I buy lightscribe media?
A:  Lightscribe media is sold in every major computer / electronics store I have been to. It’s also widely sold here on eBay and in my e.bayshop affordable media uk

Q:  How much does lightscribe media cost?
A:  Lightscribe media is more expensive then normal media.  It’s roughly 30-40% higher in cost.  Look at your Sunday ads most stores have sales on this type of media and it’s almost the same cost as normal CD's / DVD's when they are on sale.

Q:  Where can I go to find out more about lightscribe?
A:  Type lightscribe in your favorite search engine and you will see sites with free software and patterns you can use to make your labels more interesting.
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