Lil Mynx Dance Pole Review

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My review for the Lil Mynx Rotator Poll: It is great! I have a vaulted wall mount that I bought for an extra 35$ and it is worth it. I had my boyfriend but it together. It took a little longer for me b/c I have a vaulted celling. The vaulted mount is metal. The regular mount is plastic. I would recommend to get the vaulted mount, just b/c it is more sturdy. It took a little bit to put up. It extends extra 2 feet. Worker, but would come down. So my boyfriend put JB-Weld to make the pole stick better to the mount. If it sound like to much to do, well it is worth it. By boyfriend is over 200LBD and it works for him .I don;t recommend putting over 200lbs on the pole.The JB Weld worker great!! The pole is the best investment !! I love it!!!
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