Lincrusta Wallpaper, Friezes, Dado Panels & Paint Effects

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Lincrusta Wallpaper
No other wallcovering is as deeply embossed or offers such high durability and elegance.
Apart from its domestic and commercial use over the years, Lincrusta has been used frequently in modes of transport like ships, yachts, railway carriages, trams and cars.
Famous uses include 6 luxury cabins on board "The Titanic", as well as inside "The White House" and John D. Rockefeller's house.

L incrusta Friezes
A frieze is a wide horizontal band of sculpted or painted decoration, usually used on the wall near the ceiling.
Lincrusta Dado Panels
These are supplied in a roll of 10 panels which can be cut individually for hanging.

Lincrusta products are paintable, and there numerous paint effects that can be achieved as seen below:Lincrusta Painting Effects

Here are some of the best tutorials and examples that we found:
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Find the products from the video:
  • Lincrusta Chequers Wallpaper RD1893
  • Lincrusta Byzantine Wallpaper RD1954
  • Lincrusta Elizabeth Wallpaper RD1583
  • Lincrusta Cleopatra Wallpaper RD1962
  • Lincrusta Kelmscott Wallpaper RD1968
  • Lincrusta Italian Renaissance Wallpaper RD1952
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