Links of London Fake Sweeties

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How to spot a fake Links of London sweetie bracelet

These fake products are not even genuine silver and usually tarnish and discolour quickly.  They charms are chunky and cheap looking, the sweetie bracelets are very lightweight and have thin wire inside to hold them together, which will probably snap (a genuine sweetie has double layer of elastic cord).   These fake bracelets look awful in real life and are of extremely poor quality.

Even all the packaging they come with are fake.  The fake packaging is pale lemon in colour, a genuine links box is slightly darker and is more of a cream colour.

I urge people to really think about what they spend their money on.  I am looking at the current listings on ebay and most are fake, with the exceptions of people selling unwanted used jewellery, please ask your self this before you buy, why would someone be selling an item (sweetie for example) worth £110 for any less?

Some tips

  • Please check the Links of London website to see current stock and to compare pictures. 
    I am now seeing people who come into the store with items which are not even made (such as friendship bracelets in odd colours)
  • ALL WEBSITES OTHER THAN THE ABOVE ONE ARE FAKE WEBSITES.  with the exception fo a retailer such as ROX who are a registered stockist.  If the website is offering "95% off all links jewellery" then I please urge you to be sensible and realise this is not a genuine website.
  • Check the current prices too, some people lie about the actual selling price to get more money from buyers
  • Links items are not stamped with just '925'.  Yes this is the hallmark for silver but this is not the way the products are hallmarked, the hallmark is much more discreet and  has the assay office stamp as well, usually Edinburgh office.
  • Watch out for charms being presented in little square boxes, this is a fake box!  The genuine ones are much bigger.
  • Sweetie Bracelets are sold in an oval box, be careful of bracelets in a square box - this is not the way it would be sold in the shop!
I have not written this guide with any intention other than to help people.  I do not sell links of london products on ebay and I am here purely to educate.  There will be items which are genuine on ebay too, perhaps used items which the owner is no longer wishing to have anymore, so please read my guide and and ask the seller questions, if you buy an item then question its authenticity, then please make sure you pay though paypal so you can hopefully get your money back. 

I am happy to answer any other questions, however PLEASE read my guide carefully first.  If you ask me questions I have already answered here or send me a link to an item which you could identify as being fake if you had read the guide then I will just state the same advice again.

Again: If it is a too good to be true offer of a brand new item at a knockdown price then it will not be a genuine item.
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