Links of London Sweetie Bracelet

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Please be careful.  I brought a bracelet off of ebay which was advertised as authentic but after I brought it the item was removed by ebay for some reason.  I contacted the seller, as advised  by ebay,  who said no need to worry there is no problem the item has already been sent out and assured me it was genuine.  Unbeknown to me, the item was coming from China, which was not at all onviously from the ebay listing.  The item arrived and was obviously not genuine at all.  So I asked for a refund and the fun started.  The selling is not willing to refund so I opened up a dispute.  My argument here, is, if the item is genuine as the seller claims, why would they not want to refund to an unhappy buyer?

Be careful although PayPal say you are protected please be careful.  I HAVE to prove the item is a fake not the seller who claims it is genuine to prove it is genuine to me. Paypal told me I have to go to Links of London and get it in writing on headed paper that this bracelet is a fake.  I have phoned 5 stockist who are relatively near to me (within 30-60 travelling time) but none are willng to do this as they are only stockists not a shop.  I live over 2 hours away from a Links of London shop, which will cost more to get to and back than I paid for the bracelet!

Both Paypal and I have now spent in time and money writing e-mails and me in phone calls than I paid for the bracelet!  I have been made to feel the guilty party and they are very unwilling to help in any other way.  I feel totally let down.

I have now brought a genuine bracelet also from ebay with a receipt from the originaly shop where it was purchased.  Anyone can see that the first one is a fake up against the genuine one.  Ebay and Paypal can see I purchased both from them.  I have offered to send photographs of both of them to prove the difference.  But the timeframe they gave me as now past so I've lost my little struggle for justice!!

I understand why they have this procedure but surely commonsense should prevail.  This is a case of a real jobsworth situation.  I am so dissappointed and I shall loose out.  I have been a member since 2004 and have 100% feedback.

Please be very careful, I would hate anyone else to have to go through all this with no one to go to to get help from.  That is their procedures and that is that, so yet another unlawful selling is let to get away with it whilst we have to pay for it!!





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