Links of London Sweetie Bracelet (FAKES) Beware!!

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My husband said dont go near these bracelets on ebay as ALL are fakes!  I wasnt so sure and thought that being a  girl of the world I wouldnt get stung!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I  did my homework and read all feedback etc....................Boy was I stung good and proper!!!!!!!!! couldnt believe it.  I was fortunate and my seller offered a money back offer if not satisfied........!


The bracelet itself was good but you could tell a mile that it wasnt authentic because all the rings had not been soldered!!! you could see the join!

I am sure it was genuine silver but it wasnt a genuine links of london sweetie bracelet!!!! I have three times given ebayers the benefit of the doubt about items being authentic and my husband has always won!!  you will rareley find authentic items on ebay anymore!!!!!!!!!!  What a shame I purchased a lovely gucci bag (authentic) about 4 years ago that I still use!!) 

I HATE to admit that my husband is right but he is about fakes on ebay.............if you are happy with poor quality buy it!! if not save up (not usually that much more and get the real thing!!!!!!!)


Happy Ebaying


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