Links of London & Tiffany and Co

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I recently purchased a Links of London Sweetie bracelet on Ebay, the seller assured me it was a real links of London bracelet, with a receipt of purchase (but he didn't send that). I had it checked out with a Links of London Agent, the difference was:-

Fake.....Links are NOT soldered,  They are also larger than on a real one, there is a weight difference to a real one.  REAL ones have about 6 split rings for charms to be attached to (by split rings I mean rings that look like the split ring on a key ring, that you twist a key on so it don't fall off).

One thing to look out for is the Links of London hallmark, by saying Hallmark I mdon't meal the Links logo, but if you look inside the first couple of links by the Links logo you will find a proper full hallmark which will read LL 925 a lion symbol, assay office mark and date letter.  A FAKE WILL NOT HAVE A PROPER HALLMARK, and is not normally real silver, get the item checked out with a jeweller and have it tested, before leaving feedback.

Tiffany and co have their own unique hallmark too, which starts with T & Co, followed by 925 a lion symbol which indicates the british mark for silver, a assay office stamp and a date letter. If it doesn't have a proper hallmark like the above, then stay well clear of it, and  we can stop these sellers conning us!!!



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