Lip Plumpers-Guide about the Guides!

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Like many women of a certain age, I'm looking for a lip plumper that will actually do what it claims, and have read the guides on Ebay with interest...not least because I, like you, am hoping to save money by avoiding products that don't work.

However, like painkillers, these lip plumpers seem to work on some and not on others, unfortunately!

Two examples...

1. The lip plumping guide on this site is extremely useful in as much as it highlights many popular products, so I decided to be brave and purchase Go Cosmetics Lip Sting (incredibly painful to the writter of said guide). Did it work? Not bad, a little. Did it send me screaming round the house in agony? Well, no actually! In fact, having braced myself for a truly painful experience, I felt hardly a tingle! A quick poll of my friends confirmed that of those who had tried it (5, so hardly a clinical trial!), two found it pretty painful, one mildly irritating and two, like me, felt almost nothing. All of us were agreed on the results however...a mildly plumping effect, so it might be worth a try, particularly at the price of £3 or so.

2. Collection 2000 Lip Plumping Lip Gloss... Even the descriptions of the sellers rate this as a very mildly plumping product, however, I find it works at least as well as the Go Cosmetics Lip Sting (although for less time and re-application is required regularly), with a pleasant tingle. For some reason, on me, the clear and nude pink seem to have a greater effect and tingle than the more pigmented shades, but I've no idea why! Of my friends, only 3 had used it...Two said it had no effect and one, like me, felt it gave a mildly plumping effect.

Having also searched guides via Google etc., the consensus seems to be that there is no consensus! What works for one does not necessarilly work on another. My best suggestion would be to try the cheaper ones first, or get all your friends together, with all their plumping lip products and have a free for all! (Just make sure to avoid anyone with cold sores! Obviously!!!!)

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