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Lipsy has been going for more than 15 yrs, Lipsy is home to the fashion industry and you will always see famous stars in Lipsy clothing, they either buy an item of Lipsy clothing or Lipsy will bring out a matching item that usually flys of the shelf, Lipsy is branded mainly in M/L but the ,main sizes are 8,10,12,14, with the occasional size 6, 16,18. Lipsy is now being sold in most major catalogues & websites at usually there full retail price. Asos is one of the best sites to go to for the very latest web site or visit Lady*Divas shop on ebay, nothing in lipsy is rarely sold under £20 so grab a bargain in Lady*Divas Designer Store. Lipsy sometimes comes up smaller than your usual comfortable size and the labels are usually in pink or black writing for there authenticity on  white tag, i hope you have found this a little useful.
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