List of Great Britain Stamps 1970 -1979 Commemoratives

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Complete List of 1971-1979 Commemoratives

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Stock of 1970's GB Commemoratives

Ulster 71' Paintings 16th June
Literary Anniversaries, 28th July
British Anniversaries,25th August
British Architecture (Modern University Buildings), 22nd Sept
Christmas 31 October

British Polar Explorers, 15 February
Anniversaries, 26 April
British Architecture (Village Churches), 21 June
Broadcasting Anniversaries, 13 June
Christmas 18 October
Royal Silver Wedding, 20 November

British Entry into EEC 3 January
British Trees (1st Issue), 28 February
British Explorers, 18 Aprill
County Cricket 1873-1973, 16 May
Artistic Anniversaries, 4 July
400th Anniversary of the Birth of Indigo Jones (architect and designer), 15 August
19th Parliamentary Conference 12 September
Royal Wedding, 14 Novemeber
Christmas 28 November

British Trees (2nd issue), 27 February
Bicentenary of the Fire Prevention (Metropolis) Act, 24 April
Centenary of UPU 12 June
Medieval Warriors, 10 July
Birth Centenary of Sir Winston Churchill
Chirstmas 27 November

Health and Handicap Funds, 22 Jan
Birth Bicentenary of J M Turner (painter), 19 Feb
European Architectural Heritage Year, 23 April
Sailing 11 June
150th Anniversary of Public Railways, 13 Aug
62nd Inter-Parliamentary Union Conference, 3 Sept
Birth Bicentenary of Jane Austen (novelist), 22 Oct
Christmas 26 Nov

Telephone Centenary, 10 March
Social Reformers, 28 Apr
Bicentenary of American revolution, 2 June
Centenary of national Rose Society, 30 June
British Cultural Traditions, 4 Aug
500th Anniversary of British Printing, 29 Sept
Christmas 24 Nov

Racket Sports, 12 January
Centenary of Institute of Chemistry, 2nd march
Silver Jubilee, 11 May
Govt Heads meeting, 8 June
British Wildlife, 5 October
Christmas 23 November

Energy Resources, 25 January
British Architecture (Historic Buildings), 1 march
25th Anniversary of Coronation 31 May
Horses 5 July
Centenaries of Cycling, 2 Aug
Christmas, 22 Nov

Dogs 7 Feb
Spring Wild Flowers, 21 Mar
First Direct Elections to European Assembly, 9 May
Horseracing paintings and Bicentenary of The Derby, 6 June
Year of the Child 11 July
Death Centenary of Sir Rowland Hill, 22 Aug
Police, 26 Sept
Christmas 21 Nov

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