List of Great Britain Stamps 1990 - 1999 Commemoratives

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Queen Elizabeth II 1990's Commemorative Issues.

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GB Commemoratives 1990-1999

150th Anniversary of Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, 23 January
Greetings Booklet Stamps. 'Smiles', 6 February
Europa and 'Glasgow 1990 European City of Culture', 6 March
25th Anniversary of Queen's Award for Export and Technology, 10 April
'Stamp World London 90' International Stamp Exhibition, London, 3 May
150th Anniversary of Kew Gardens, 5 June
150th Birth Anniversary of Thomas Hardy (author), 10 July
90th Birthday of Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother, 2 August
Gallantry Awards, 11 September
Astronomy, 16 October
Christmas, 13 November

Dogs. Paintings by George Stubbs, 8 January
Greetings Booklet Stamps 'Good Luck', 6 February
Scientific Achievements, 5 March
Greetings Booklet Stamps. 'Smiles', 26 March
Europa. Europe in Space, 23 April
World Student Games, Sheffield and World Cup Rugby Championship, London, 11 June
9th World Congress of Roses, Belfast, 16 July
150th Anniversary of Dinosaurs Identification by Owen, 28 August
Bicentenary of Ordnance Survey. Maps of Hamstreet, Kent, 17 September
Christmas. Illustrated Manuscripts from the Bodleian Library, Oxford, 12 November

The Four Seasons. Wintertime, 14 January
Greeting Stamps. 'Memories', 28 January
40th Anniversary of Accession, 6 February
Death Centenary of Alfred, Lord Tennyson (poet), 10 March
Europa. International Events, 7 April
350th Anniversary of the Civil War, 16 June
150th Birth Anniversary of Sir Arthur Sullivan (composer), Gilbert and Sullivan Operas, 21 July
Protection of the Environment. Children's Paintings, 15 September
Single European Market, 13 October
Christmas. Stained Glass Windows, 10 November

600th Anniversary of Abbotsbury Swannery, 19 January
Greeting Stamps. 'Gift Giving', 2 February
300th Birth Anniversary of John Harrison (inventor of the marine chronometer). Details of the 'H4' clock, 16 February
14th World Orchid Conference, Glasgow, 16 March
Europa. Contemporary Art, 11 May
Roman Britain, 15 June
Inland Waterways, 20 July
The Four Seasons. Autumn. Fruits and Leaves, 14 September
Sherlock Holmes. Centenary of the Publication of The Final Problem, 12 October
Christmas. 150th Anniversary of Publication of A Christmas Carol, 9 November

The Age of Steam. Railway Photographs by Colin Gifford, 18 January
Greeting Stamps. 'Messages', 1 February
25th Anniversary of Investiture of the Prince of Wales. Paintings by Prince Charles, 1 March
Centenary of Picture Postcards, 12 April
Opening of Channel Tunnel, 3 May
50th Anniversary of D-Day, 6 June
Scottish Golf Courses, 5 July
The Four Seasons. Summertime Events, 2 August
Europa. Medical Discoveries, 27 September
Christmas. Children's Nativity Plays, 1 November

Cats, 17 January
The Four Seasons. Springtime. Plant Sculptures by Andy Goldsworthy, 14 March
Greetings Stamp. 'Greetings in Arts', 21 March
Centenary of National Trust, 11 April
Europa. Peace and Freedom, 2 May
Science Fiction. Novels by H.G. Wells 6 June
Reconstruction of Shakespeares Globe Theatre, 8 August
Pioneers of Communications, 5 September
Centenary of Rugby League, 3 October
Christmas. Christmas Robins, 30 October

Death Bicentenary of Robert Burns (Scottish poet), 25 January
Greetings Stamps. Cartoons, 26 February
50th Anniversary of the Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust. Bird Paintings by C.F. Tunnicliffe, 12 March
Centenary of Cinema, 16 April
European Football Championship, 14 May
Olympic and Paralympic Games, Atlanta, 9 July
Europa. Famous Women, 6 August
50th Anniversary of Children's Television, 3 September
Classic Sports Cars, 1 October
Christmas, 28 October

Greetings Stamps. 19th-century Flower Paintings, 6 January
450th Death Anniversary of King Henry VIII, 21 January
Religious Anniversaries, 11 March
Europa. Tales and Legends. Horror Stories, 13 May
British Aircraft Designers, 10 June
'All The Queens Horses'. 50th Anniversary of the British Horse Society, 8 July
Sub-Post Offices, 12 August
Birth Centenary of Enid Blyton (childrens author), 9 September
Christmas. 150th Anniversary of the Christmas Cracker, 27 October
Royal Golden Wedding, 13 November

Endangered Species, 20 January
Diana, Princess of Wales Commemoration, 3 February
650th Anniversary of the Order of the Garter. The Queen's Beasts, 24 February
Lighthouses, 24 March
Comedians, 23 April
50th Anniversary of National Health Service, 23 June
Famous Children's Fantasy Novels, 21 July
Europa. Festivals. Notting Hill Carnival, 25 August
British Land Speed Record Holders, 29 September
Christmas. Angels, 2 November

Millennium Series. The Inventors' Tale, 12 January
Millennium Series. The Travellers' Tale, 2 February
Millennium Series. The Patients's Tale, 2 March
Millennium Series. The Settlers' Tale, 6 April
Millennium Series. The Workers' Tale, 4 May
Millennium Series. The Entertainers' Tale, 1 June
Royal Wedding, 15 June
Millennium Series. The Citizens' Tale, 6 July
Millennium Series. The Scientists' Tale, 3 August
Solar Eclipse, 11 August
Millennium Series. The Farmers' Tale, 7 September
Millennium Series. The Soldiers' Tale, 5 October
Millennium Series. The Christians' Tale, 2 November
Millennium Series. The Artists' Tale, 7 December
Millennium Series. 'Millennium Timekeeper', 14 December

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