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When listing Chess sets on eBay there are a few things one has to take into consideration, we thought it would be helpful to list them here
Early Jacques sets should be marked, the marks appearing on one each of the Knights and Rooks (castles), these pieces are known as the Kings Rook and Kings Knight.
  • The correct spelling - of the main producer of competition sets - is “Jacques”, pronounced ‘jakes’
  • With Jacques sets the condition of the box – if any – is important as a pointer to the age of the set.
  • Where the ‘felt’ is green it can be described as Baize or; Billiard cloth.
  • Orangey-brown boxes should be described as “believed to be Mahogany”, unless you have absolute proof of the woods nature.
  • Wooden sets are usually made of –
  • Boxwood – White pieces
  • Ebony – Black pieces
  •  Sheesham wood – Brown pieces.
 All major chess set types have a title such as ‘Staunton’ or ‘Barleycorn’; these can be researched on eBay or Google. If researched on eBay remember not to ‘cut and paste’ the text - to prevent eBay throwing it back at you!
The difference between bone and ivory is subtle but clear – Ivory is very smooth, quite ‘cold’ to the touch and relatively blemish free. Bone tends towards white over the cream of ivory, has a striated grain and is lighter than ivory. ‘Ivorene’ is a Bakelite type compound, with a patterned grain and a yellowish colour.

Photographing; Chess sets/pieces

Where possible all photo’s should be taken on a standard chess board or with a board in the near background.  Photo’s should include:

  • All the pieces – in a group shot, or set up on the board.
  • The ‘Back row’ – one of each rank – King, Queen, Bishop, Knight, Rook (castle), and each colour (two photo’s minimum).
  • One of each colours pawn – black & white.
  • All damage mentioned in the listing, and any other noticeable blemishes/marks.
  • Profile (sideward’s) shots of the Knights from both colours.
  • Underside evidence of any felting or weights.
  • Any maker’s marks or signatures.
  • Where possible the King should be photographed with a measuring stick or ruler against it.

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