Listing Items Clearly

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This is a short guide to listing items to sell on ebay in a clear manner.

Make sure your title uses any and all words you think that someone may use when searching for your item. For example, if I was selling a bridesmaid dress I would include the words bridesmaid dress but also wedding and fancy. I would make sure I used the size of the dress in the title and the word girls.

Never use the words 'like new' or 'as new' in your title as ebay will withdraw your item. Only use the word new in your title if the item is brand new.

When you start your description begin by stating what it is that you are selling. I use the words 'You are bidding on...' and then I list exactly what the buyer will get if they bid. Always describe the condition honestly. If you don't it can lead to complaints once the buyer receives their item. Where possible include photos of any damage.

Where reasonable it can help to suggest why someone may wish to buy your item. Example: Your little girl really will look like a princess in this dress, whether they wear it as a bridesmaid, a guest at a wedding or christening or just for dressing up at home.

Finally, be friendly. I usually end my listings by encouraging buyers to contact me with any questions, to look at my other listed items and by wishing them good luck bidding on my item.

The most important thing with any listing is to be clear and honest. Your buyer should be in no doubt as to what they will be getting, what condition it is in and how much they will need to pay for postage.

I hope this has been helpful and good luck selling.  


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