Listing War Medals On Ebay

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When listing Campaign & War Medals on e Bay,always list all Medals & any related ephemera{Documentation/Badges/Photographs/Etc;}together,on so many ocassions one sees Medal "Groups";ie;More than one medal to the same person/family member,"Split" ie; listed seperately,this is a bad move as the majority of serious collectors {ie the one's whose money you are after!} will buy Complete groups @ a much higher premium than seperate medals,which mean that they may lose one or more of the Medals in a group,if someone outbids them @ the end of an auction,so are much less likely to bid as high as they might for a complete group.[NB: The WW1 Star[s] BWM & Victory are collectively known as a 'Trio';eg: '1914 Star/1914-15 Star Trio';The BWM & Victory ~A 'Pair':eg: '1914-18 BWM Victory Pair'/'WW1 Pair' Etc;

Always list the recipients details ie:Number;Rank;Name;Regiment{*1} or Corps {to be found around the "Rim" of the Medal on most GB Medals between Heads & Tails}or on the Reverse of Decorations such as the 1914 or 1914/15 Star,as well as any other relevant information regarding the recipient if known to you,the more interesting the Medal[s] the more interest you will have in them.Ideally list @ least the Regiment or Corps & Rank in the HEADING,eg: '1914~15 Star Trio To Sergt Royal Fusiliers',to assist in searches by potential buyers[[*1}Men often changed Regiment/Corps in WW1,so it is not unusual to find Medals to the Same Man bearing a Different Regt &/or Number]

Don't waste time listing wads of information culled from reference works  about the actual medal[s] such as when instituted,numbers awarded,description, apart from title of it,eg:'India General Service Medal 1895',as this information is already known by those who are to be your customers~So often one reads through reams of item description,only to find that the really required info;the Name Number & Regiment of the Recipient is not listed & nessecitates time consuming questions & replies

Some Common Medals You May Be Listing:

1914 Star [sometimes,incorrectly called 'Mons Star];Named & Details {Number/Rank/Regiment;Etc;}on reverse

1914~15 Star;Named on reverse,number rank,initial,name & Regt/Corps

Territorial Force War Medal 1914~18: Bronze Medal with George V [obv] & 'For Territorial Overseas Service 1914~1919' on Reverse

British War Medal [Silver with George V on Obverse & allegorical figure on horse trampling the  Central Powers Sheilds]on Reverse

Allied Victory Medal [Gilt Bronze with Angel of Victory on Obverse 'Great War for Civilisation 1914~1919' on Reverse[Notable fo its 'Rainbow' Ribbon]Most of the Allied Nations issued or @ least struck a Victory Medal

Territorial Force Efficiency/Territorial Efficiency & Efficiency Medal[Territorial]Medals~Silver Oval Medals for long service[12 Years attending Camps & Trainings,etc;[War Service counted Double] in the TF & TA,with Green ribbon Yellow centre Stripe or Green ribbon,edged Yellow.

Silver War Badge[War Badge] a Circular badge approx 1.25" Dia with 'GRI' in Centre & For Services Rendered on band around it.Numbered on Reverse,Pin Back

Meritorious Sevice Medal;King on Obverse/'For Meritorious Service' on Reverse

Military Medal ;King on Obverse 'For Bravery in the Field' on Reverse.

Long Service & Good Conduct Medals: To all Services:RN/Army/RAF/Civilian Services[Police/Special Constabulary/Red Cross/WRVS/Fire Service/Observer Corps/Civil Defence/Etc;] Most have the Monarch on obverse & Varying designs on Reverse + Most have 'Long Service & Good Conduct' or similar on Reverse

The Stars for WW2 are self explanatory,each carrying its title on a band around the Centre device,as is the Defence Medal,The Other Medal in this series is the British War Medal 1939~45 & has George VI [obv] & The British Lion defeating the German Eagle on the Reverse.WW2 Medals & Stars are not normally named excepting for SA,some Indian & Australian Issues[There are Canadian,Indian,NZ,Australian & SA Awards too]

Tthere were many Medals granted for the Battles & Wars throughout the Reign of Queen Victoria,From China & the 2nd Boer War @ the close of the 19th Century,back through South Africa{Zulu Wars},Afghanistan,Canada,Egypt,The Sudan,New Zealand,Crimea,India's North West Frontier,{for over a Century & a Half of Campaigns}Africa & Back to the Napoleonic Wars Commemorated by the Naval & Military General Service Medals of the 1840s{with clasps covering Battles back into the 18th Century,Such as Trafalgar,Feunte's D'Onor,Navarino,The Peninsular Wars,through  to Waterloo in 1815]

Beware of the "Michael" or "Peter" Factor ;having listed your Medals,you may well find you are being Emailed by certain "buyers";who will offer a derisory sum for them,especially if they have no or only 1 bid early on~DO NOT FALL FOR THIS,they are chancers & hope to buy your item Cheaply,by getting you to end early,in their favour.In Most cases Medal buyers will wait until the last day or so to start bidding seriously,often with excellent results for you the Seller~so if approached by a "Michael" or "Peter"  asking to "Buy~it~Now" off  Ebay {@ their price} the second word should be "Off!"

Getting the title/name of them right ensures the Maximum Number of Buyers will see them,If you have any problems Identifying Medals I will be pleased to help if you contact me using 'Member Contact E Mail Service',I will hopefully be able to draw on my 45 years Medal Collecting experience for you!

The Great War Forum & British Medal Forum are Great For Research Advice & Help

On that note happy listing & I look forward to bidding on your items!;& adding further gems to my Collection! Bon Chance!

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