Little Big Planet Review (PS3)

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I am sure that many of you have heard of this game and have played it at least once, I thought that I would share my opinion with the rest of you about this game. I bought it due to the fact that it was a PS3 exclusive and I wasn't disapointed in any form. The game is practicaly jam-packed with fun and exciting levels which does not disapoint children nor adults. Each level is in depth and on the way you can collect certain items which you can use to decorate your POD (characters home) or indeed make your own level which you can share with the rest of community.

In this game you join Sackboy in the world of Little Big Planet. This little creature needs your help to guide him through the different worlds in order to find secrets, unlock objects and find new friends. This is a great little character, deffinately one of the best child friendly ones I've seen in a while.

Mario Huh?
The basics of the game are similar to that of Mario, you jump and move around. However, one thing which I did find slightly confusing was that the platform which you stand upon is slipt in to 3 seperate layers (front, middle and back). For instance, when you are trying to jump from one ledge to the other via a sponge you have to be on the correct layer to do so, unless you fail. But like every game you get used to this and everything falls in to place.

Is that Stephen Fry?
Why yes it is. As you uncover the mysteries of Little Big Planet you will have a helping hand tell you how to work your way through the difficult sections and that helper is Stephen Fry. He is a frequent visitor in the game, but don't fear you can skip what he has to say if you have already heard it. This is a great feature to the game, I am not a huge fan of Stephen Fry but he is a great added extra thats adds a sense of friendliness to the game. Rather comforting when your in a muddle with little Sackboy.

Online Mode
There is an online community in LBP where you can play other players levels which they have created, you can also comment on these levels and most users have added special extras in their levels which you can take and use for yourself. There are 100s of different new LBP spaces which you can explore ranging from movies, television programmes and music, there is no end to the endless amount of creative people that have come forward to please others.

But, if you want to try your hand at making a level of your own to show off your skills then you can, but this is easier said than done. In order to create a level of your own I have found that you have to have a large amount of patience, finding objects to place in your own personal LBP world is one task and building it is the next.

Overall Score
Deffinately 10/10

1 - 4 Players
4MB minumum space
SIXAXIS motion sensitive
DUALSHOCK 3 vibration function
Network features
Network Playes 2 - 4

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