Little Lamb Cloth Nappies

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I have recently converted to cloth nappies for my third child and wish Id done it ages ago.  Gone are the days of leaky nappies and dodgy fold held together with nappy pins and uncomfy plastic pants!  They are so soft and cosy, really absorbent and so cute.  They really seem to be coming back into fashion and the designs of nappies and wraps are excellent.  The advantages includes saving money, yes there is initial outlay but does work out cheaper long term, and if Id used them from day one I would have saved thousands with my 3!  Obviously cloth nappies are much better for the environment as well, reduces landfills, (disposables can take up to 50 years to break down) and reduces our weekly waste.
You will need to be prepared to wash and dry the nappies and need to allow for an extra washing load every second or third day and also allow time for them to dry, which can be a day or two if you do not get them outside and have no tumble drier.  There are many no risk options to try cloth nappies without too much initial outlay, for example tots bots ahve a rental scheme for you to try them out, no risk. Little lamb do a greatly reduced starter kit and many other brands do various starter sets and also mixed kits so you can try out the various types of nappies before commiting to a particular style.  I would reccommend everyone to give them a go, if nothing else a couple would be really handy for those times when you run out of disposables!!
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