Living dead dolls: where sellers and collecters meet...

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Okay, so this guide is going to be focused around my pet peeves on the buying of Living Dead Dolls on eBay.

If, like myself, you are a collecter, you will know that a number of important things are:

  • Is it sealed?
  • Is it in its original packaging?
  • Is the dolls hair, clothing etc free of marks and in good condition?
  • Does it have all accessories, including death certificate?
  • Why are you selling?

Now, my pet peeve is when people aren't honest enough in their descriptions. "Doll in good condition, open, needs a new home". ............. So um, what is good condition? Sealed, open? Does it even have a box? Do you smoke in your home or own pets? The list goes on! And When postage is over £5 for standard delivery? I have sold many of my dolls, and never had to pay over that for recorded delivery!

Second, the fact that most sellers neglect to mention the packaging. I bought a lovely LDD (not from eBay) and the doll was exactly as described, to a T. The problem? That the coffin box she came in was ripped and torn to the point the lid wouldnt even stay on! The mistake i made here was not asking enough questions, as im sure many of you have experienced too.

Lastly, the thing that is, in my opinion, the worst, is that sellers who are not collecters just don't get it! They let the tissue get ripped, the shrink wrap tear, and worst of all, they let the dolls... die. Matted hair, dodgy paint smudges, you name it, i've seen it! With the explanation on questioning being "im not a collecter i didnt know sorry"! Not all sellers are true to this, however in my opinion and experience, i have been put off.


So look out for all these things next time you bid/buy a LDD. You can never ask too many questions!


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