Liz Earle Brightening Treatment

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This is a skin pick-me-up which works best when your skin is feeling particularly dull.

It differs slightly from regular face masks, as the application time is only 2 minutes, as opposed to 5 minutes plus with others.

It contains pure Aloe Vera and a blend of essential oils. You use only one pump, and apply onto a cleansed face.

As with any face mask, do not use near the eyes or on sensitive parts of the skin.

This product helps to get rid of open pores around the nose and face, it can also be used as a shaving cream. It leaves your skin looking so bright and refreshed.

Once applied it makes your skin tingle slightly - no worries - it is just the naturally active formula getting to work deep into your skin.

As an occassional product, Brightening Treatment has a good result, but around £10 a bottle, it is quite expensive. But you do only need to use it when you skin is looking really dull.

It truely is like a facial in a bottle.

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