Liz Earle Naturally Active Products

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There are lots of Liz Earle products available to buy in eBay ... many at really good prices. But be warned ... no BRAND NEW Liz Earle stock has her signature anywhere on the logos - so if you see a Liz Earle signature IT IS NOT BRAND NEW STOCK ... more than likely it has been sitting in someone's cupboard & they are just having a clear out. Liz Earle got rid of her logo on stock a long while ago!!

This is important because all beauty products have a shelf life ... if the stock you are buying has been sitting around on a shelf for ages then it is not such good value for you. Trustworthy eBay sellers should always be able to reassure you of the freshness of stock. If in doubt ask! And if there is a signature and it is being sold as Brand New ... AVOID, because someone is telling porky pies!!.

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