Local Trading Assistant In Staffordshire In the Uk

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Your Local Trading Assistant In Stafford-shire

Hello my name is Andrew Milburn your friendly local eBay Trading Assistant, any questions please send me an email through My eBay or phone me on 07545 454 688.

Do you want to sell your items on eBay, but just do not have time? Then you need an eBay Trading Assistant. An eBay Trading Assistant is someone who will take your items and list them for sale on eBay.

Trading Assistants will list you items, take pictures, deal with all the emails, when the item sells they will ship it, leave feedback and when everything has gone through, they will forward the money to you less the agreed commissions.

All eBay Trading Assistants are experienced eBay sellers who will sell your items on eBay  for a commission, most do not charge up front fees – But sometimes we have to if the item needs special listings etc. But this will all be explained by your friendly local trading assistant.

Your eBay Trading Assistant handles every aspect of selling your item on eBay, from listing the item to shipping it to the buyer, and everything in between.

eBay Trading Assistants have a vast experience of selling on eBay and have to be in good standing in the eBay community.

When your item or items sells, the eBay Trading Assistant passes the profit on to you (after taking out the agreed fees).

How to make money using an eBay Trading Assistant................................

First of all you need to look around your home or office for items you’d like to sell. eBay has millions of buyers and people are always on the lookout for that item on eBay. Remember most things can be sold on eBay, but like anything else there are items that cannot be sold, and your eBay Trading Assistant will guide you through this process.

To help you get the best price for your items, please only give your eBay Trading Assistant items valued over £30. If you do have items that fall below this amount your friendly eBay Trading Assistant will talk you through how to get the best price for your item.

Once you have agreed, on the above, your eBay Trading Assistant will get you to sign a simple contract this will cover the both you.

Once this has happened then your eBay Trading Assistant will get to work and all being well,  very soon your eBay Trading Assistant will be sending you some money.

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