Loch Dhu, The rare Black Whisky

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Sorry George but it was not the taste that resulted in Loch Dhu being withdrawn from the market.
This whisky was originally marketed by the Guinness Spirits division which derived most of its brands from their much publicised takeover of DCL (Distillers Company Ltd) 1986.
In 1997, Guinness merged with Grand Met (who had their own spirits division, IDV) resulting in a massive portfolio of spirit brands.  A number of these brands were discontinued, Loch Dhu being one of them.
The dark colour was a result of the whisky being matured in Sherry Casks, the whisky itself having a very heavy sherry "nose".
Seeing the price a standard 70cl bottle is fetching at the moment, I only wish I'd bought more of them when they were being sold at £5 a bottle in the staff shop.
Oh, and my only other wish is that the b*stard that stole the 1.0L bottle from under my desk fell over and smashed the bottle (injuring him/her self severely) as this meant I no longer had the full set, 1.0L, 70cl & 20cl.
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