Locksmith Mortice Templates

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Above you will see a Photograph of a Mortice Lock, If you are going to open this lock without the keys, there are a few things that you have to bear in mind, those being :-

A/ You Can not see the lock apart from a small section of it through the Keyway.

B/ You have to identify a lock before you can learn how to open it.

C/ You will have to have some knowledge of the drill points.

These are just the basics, without learning how to Pick a Lock, drilling is by far the fastest way into a lock, there will be little damage, and the lock CAN be used after drilling as per normal, providing that you do not go to heavy with the drilling.

With our CD we provide Photo's, of which is essential if you have to identify the lock that you are about to gain entry through, but most of all we provide you with the ability to make your own templates (See Picture Below), we also provide the drilling points and the measurements of the lock.

We feel that this is the best way to go aroung gaining experiance, after a few weeks you should be able to get past most locks used within the UK.

Five Lever Mortice Locks are one of the most secure ways to lock up your home or buisness, to Pick it can take up to and over an Hour, even then with some locks that have anti pick levers ths is relivant upon how many levers you catch, or you can drill the lock, and be through it in about 10 Mins.

People want you to enable them to enter their homes, so which is going to be more beneficial to you, to keep them waiting outside in the cold for an hour or more, or to get them into their home within a few minuites.

The decision is yours 

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