London Rebel Shoes Buying Guide

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London Rebel Shoes Buying Guide

When shopping for women's shoes, be sure to check out the selection of Rebel shoes made by London Rebel, located in the United Kingdom. The manufacturer produces designer footwear covering a gamut of design choices for women only. You are sure to find cute, stylish, and decidedly different footwear for your feet.


Ballet Pumps

Feel like a ballerina when wearing ballet pumps available in pastel shades, as well as white and black with contrasting leopard print lining and neatly tied bows. These look great with almost any outfit whether casual-looking jeans and trousers or a dressier garment such as a long skirt. Your choice of either lightweight socks or hosiery serves as suitable protectors to cut down on sweating and rubbing.



Another London Rebel shoe option is the ever-favourite London Rebel boots. Designs range anywhere from ankle to fur to heavier military boots. Ankle boots have narrow or chunky heels with a suede or snakeskin finish. Opt for the fur-lined or knee-high boots in black, blue, or grey suede. Check out the generous selections available from eBay sellers to include styles from prior years that look like new as well as items never worn. Rebel heart boots are particularly snazzy looking in purple, pale peach with open toes, and very high-platform boots. The distinctive styling makes them over the top as a fashion accessory.



Chunk up your footwear when purchasing London Rebel wedges which add approximately 15 cm to your height. Most designs have straps around the ankles, but the similarities stop there. The shoes may look like sandals with the exception of the wedge heels and have thin or broad straps. The toes and heels may be totally covered or both left open. Look for striped or solid heels with a contrasting upper colour or both with same shade. Flamboyant designs and colours found in all London Rebel shoes are fundamental to producing characteristically, out of the ordinary shoes.



Get closer to the ground after wearing wedges by slipping into a pair of Rebel flats. The patent leather looks shiny in bright blue and red which you can easily clean with a damp cloth. Add more gleam when purchasing slippers covered with sparkling studs giving a heavier concentration of sparkles along the toes, diminishing to only a hint of a twinkle at the heels. Two-toned gold and black flats with sequins and black piping jazz up your steps. The loafers in soft cream have a traditional feel without appearing dull and lifeless.

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