Londons Burning

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My review is on the DVD series of  Londons Burning, as no one has written anything I feel it would be a great shame to let a great DVD go a miss...also its a must to see as you will want to watch it over and over again.  

I brought and watched the thrid series of Londons Burning....As a Fire Fighter myself i really found this DVD a true to life drama of what happens in the day to day life of a fireman and the Brigade, Ive been luck enough to vist the fire station in london in which the dram was set and filmed, from first hand experince I can say that its excatly the same all theses years on since it was filmed,the watch room, appliance bay even the firemans pole which as a serving fireman I had to have ago down the actual one.when filming of the series started they looked around London for a Fire station which wasnt being used, but the director saw "Blackwall" and said it was perfect....LWT provided two big porter cabeings which where placed in the yard so the fireman still ad a "mess" as the film crew kinda took over the station, the real fireman even went out on fire calls during filming and didnt put the sirens on untill they where alittle way from the station so not to interupt the filming.

Each cast memer which played a Fireman/ Firewomen all atteneded a 16wk courses at Southwark Training centre in London and after that they spent time on different stations getting a feel for the job, so in affect they are all qualifed fireman.

I would totaly recommend this DVD if your into a drama with a comedy feel. you wont be disappointed.. you will end up fighting the fires with the acts... just get sucked in.

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