Longford Park Cars T/A Vicarage Motor Company, Coventry

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3/08/13 Looks like these scammers are still mugging lots of people, judging by the latest reviews. Save yourself a lot of wasted time and money, check out some of these reviews. http://www.ebay.co.uk/gds/i.html?_nkw=longford&_sacat=0&_pno=1&_srt=4

22.7.12 Was contacted by a lady who went to view a car, now they are called "alfies cars" but at same address. She was verbally abused because she didn't take the car she was interested in, because it wouldn't start! She was even harassed by phone after she left.   Update 17/07/2011: Have received various email replys by people who have read what I wrote here, one was from a man buying a car to be used for his mother, another from a guy who paid a deposit and never got a road worthy car. This isn't a recent trend either, please if you are considering buying from these people google LONGFORD PARK CARS. Read there adverts, they all say "ring before you get here", well why do you suppose they need to know you are coming? So they can have a quick sweep around, or so they can get the car running so you wont suspect anything?

I saw a classified listing for a Astra, there is a typical "honest John" type motor dealer write up on every listing for these Sharks. You'll soon see what I mean when you've seen some of there listings.

I rang the seller, a guy called Martin, and was told the car was ok, alright for its age, etc. Just a few dinks and average wear for its age, typical kind of car but not bad. No issues with it running or anything that could cause concern. Alarm bells should have started ringing when he came to the issue of the deposit, but he was keen and so was I, tut!

So he's got  my card details over the phone and £100 of my money, I take a trip to coventry to inspect and buy it. I arrive to a very drab, ramshackle looking building and somewhere you certainly wouldnt on first impression call a car lot, there were no big signs or anything that gave an impression of professionalism or dedication. I went in to see the seller, the key was handed over and I turned the car over, and I heard the crunching of bearings distinctly over the normal sound of an engine! Anyone who's had a water pump go on there car before will know exactly what I mean here, the panic and distress I felt last time had certainly left distinct memory's of what to look out for.

So I can't drive the car home, its definitely not going on a long journey with me down the motorway with the imminent threat of water from the radiator spilling all over the road and 3 tyres on it are in need of replacement. I asked to look at any other diesels they had, diesel saloons in fact but none were roadworthy or to my satisfaction. So I said Id just have my money back and be on my way. But not possible I was told, have to ring back the person I paid it too when I get home and then I will get my money.One call back, not answering, turned off caller ID, and I get through to him. Was told that there was nothing wrong with the car, its all my imagination in fact! I warned him i'd be complaining, but was told Id be getting a visit soon as well as other insults I wont mention. Well, Martin, please do, feel free to call me and pay me a visit, Ill be happy too see you and any of your band of blaggers and thieves. DONT TRUST THESE SCAM ARTISTS!!


101A Longford Road
West Midlands

This is a typical ploy by unscrupulous dealers to get your money, if they are so sure about your satisfaction with there vehicle they won't want to take a deposit.

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