Looking After your outboard motor

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Engine Flushing

After saltwater use, your engine will contain salt water, even after the water is drained salt deposits remain. Over time this will build up and its not unknown for it to block the waterways and reduce cooling with disastrous effects. Simple fresh water flushing helps to remove the deposit, however a specialist product is available that will remove all deposits and protect your valuable motor.
Blu Thru is a safe and fast boat engine salt flush system that improves marine engine cooling performance by removing built up salt residue, reducing corrosion in cooling chambers and heat risers. Suitable for inboards, outboards and jet skis (PWC). Blu Thru unlike many of our competitors has been lab and field tested without harm to internal engine seals or gaskets. In fact, is designed to lubricate and protect your engine seals, water pump and gaskets. This product is also a total clean no scrub salt removal system for your boat, jet-ski, motor, tackle, fishing rods, fishing reels, trailer, dive equipment, beach furniture and sea side home windows. NOTE 4 x tablets will make 1 gallon of general cleaning solution! So, a 40 tablet bottle represents great value Compared to other boat engine flushing products on the market. Is Blu Thru harmful to the environment? Non-Toxic / Biodegradable / Non - Hazardous Helps prevent corrosion by removing salt deposits, leaving a protective wax and corrosion inhibitor on surfaces Aids in Lubricating gaskets and rubber seals. Conserves fresh water and time (complete flush takes less than five minutes). Why not use a solution like the others? Tablet form saves space, and eliminates mixing. A tablet bottle stores easily on your boat or PWC 40 tablets make up to 10 gallons of cleaning solution!! lf you spill your tablets you simply pick them up without loss or clean up. Tablets will not freeze when stored in a cold climate. Non-Liquid tablets are perfect for travel How do I use Blu Thru on my Boat? One 40 tablet bottle of the tablets will provide a number of engine flushes based on recommendations:- PWC 2 Tablets All lnboard Engines 4 Tablets Outboard Engines 1-50HP 2 Tablets Outboard Engines 51-150HP 3 Tablets Outboard Engines 151HP + 4 Tablets Boat/PWC/Equipment Wash 1 Tablet NOTE: TABLETS ONLY ARE REQUIRED FOR V DRIVE INBOARDS AS TABLETS CAN BE SIMPLY DROPPED INTO SEA STRAINER.
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