Looking for Reliability & Economy ? VW POLO S 1200cc

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If you are looking for a Safe, Economical and thoroughly Reliable car then put this little gem high on your list !!!

I have owned a VW Polo 1200S for some 2½ years now from new and whilst this car could not be described as jet propelled it's overall performance is all that is needed for everyday reliability and comfordable driving, if you want to be  a guy or gal racer buy a GTI.
For a 1200cc engine, it does all that I ask of it.

The drive quality is very good and is an extremely pleasant car to drive.

In comparison to a Honda Jazz 1200 which is a 2008  model that I also drive several times a week, I would say that in all respects the Polo is every bit as good as it's rival, the drive quality and steering in particular, for my money are better on the Polo, I find it a more pleasant drive.

The consumption is quite acceptable on the Polo.

The steering is extremely precise and gives a feeling of confidence whilst cornering even in bad weather

The inside finish is very good with a relaxing dashboard display for night driving.

VW most certainly have got it dead right with this model which is apparently styled on the new Eros, they have removed it's somewhat dated appearance of earlier models.

Do I have any complaints with this car ? - NON WHATSOEVER !

Would I buy this car again ? -  YES I WOULD !

Would I recommend this car ? - MOST DEFINITELY !!!
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