Looking for a coffee / Vending Hot Drinks Machine

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So may times I hear about people who have purchased a coffee machine and found it faulty. I have also seen machines sold that you know are at the end of their life or already have problems and yet people still buy them. There are some simple points to ask yourself before taking the plunge. If a vending or coffee company are selling an item as site ready, ask yourself the question "why" after all they make money from having these machines in premises and if they are selling them there must be a reason and the most common one is that they are starting to get problems so no longer viable so before it starts to cost them money they will sell it on. Next is the person who came by the machine because they were cleaning out a building , shed or garage. These people will say that "it was working when they last tried it" or more common "selling it on behalf of a friend" yes a great way to exclude themselves from any problems. I am not saying that everybody falls into these slots but in my experience 7 out of 10 do.

The best advice I can give is look for a warranty period of 6 months or more if buying from a supplier to that industry then you at least have some form of comfort in knowing you are buying a reliable item.

Ask Questions like.

Can we see photo's of the machine with the door open.

Can we see photo's with the back removed.

When was it last used.

What support do I get if it goes wrong.

Will they come and install it (this may add a little extra cost but think about it, it could save you a lot of money as well).

Stay clear of lease or rental agreements as they will end up costing you a fortune, this should only be looked into if buying new, but even then check out the small print. Get the true total cost before signing.

If a machine is being sold see if they give a warranty or at least see the machine running, after all would you buy a car or a house if it was advertised as selling on behalf of a friend ? 

All it takes is a few questions with written responses and you will be suprised how legally important they are in protecting you.

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