Looking for a new way to wash your clothes?

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Try ariel 3 in 1 pods. Ive been using these for a few weeks now and they are fantastic.
Great texture, great look and fantastic fragrance.
These little beauties make my clothes feel soft and clean. The one thing i like is when someone says "wow, you smell nice" I got this alot and people were shocked when they found out it wasnt perfume i was wearing but just the scent on my clothes. The fragrance lasts all day too. It also cuts down on ime of having to put soap powder in, then fabric softner as we all know normally the 2 in 1 powders and gels dont work as they say on the box, well this one does out do all those by miles. 
They are avaliable in 3in1 - Biological, 3in1 - colour & style and 3in 1 - with fabreeze. I suggest trying them all and seeing which one is the best for you.
These days we are faced with 900 different combination of wash loads and you might struggle to name but a few but this little product can do them all! On an average we wash 3 to 4 loads a week per household and even though it doesnt seem like putting one item in the drum will save you much time as putting 3 items in a drawer, think about how much it all adds up to, especially if you got a busy family around you. Let this product help you to help yourself!
I love this stuff and so will your clothes.

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