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Only buy through breakers associated with Breakerlink because if you have a problem they help you resolve it!Excellent service.

Yes you can return items to breakers if they are unwanted or not what u need after all!! ring trading standards if they fail to offer you your money back! if you notify them within seven days that the item is not what you want- or it was mis-sold , even if you don't like the colour !!! you have rights under the Consumer protection of distance sales to return it and get your money back!! don't back down some of these breakers are conmen but not ALL!! If you send something back make sure it is done so by recorded delivery even if you pay 10.00 standard parcel because there is one company in Kings Lynn that sell Peugeot and Citroen parts that have suddenly said the item has not been returned even when it was!! i have the post office receipt!! They are patronising and are so cock sure of themselves !!! Well they can't because we are protected by our consumer rights !! They also have a habit of replying in the same rude manor to anyone who has complained. Breakers like these give others a bad name and they should be stopped from being able to supply on here!!

Don't forget even if you purchase items second hand you still have rights!!!

I hope this is posted on e-bays guide - because we as consumers have the right to help others that aren't so well informed about these conmen.

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