Loom Bands

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My guide to buy loom bands is  definitely buy in bulk,  especially the first time. Try to buy  from sellers who offers individual colours, rather than those mixed bands, as its saves time sorting the colours out. :) Many of you will find "fake" bands,  but I have seen and tried both and I'm quiet impressed with both. The main difference you will see its the price. Original 300pcs pack could cost you up to £4-5 while sometimes u can find "fake ones" 600 pcs for £1. If you like to make complex things like figurines, animals etc. I would advise u to get the cheaper ones as you will need loads of loom band to complete one project. I usually order from UK sellers as it takes faster to arrive rather than wait weeks from China, and I never had problems with any of my order.  Hope this little guide will help you a little. Either you chose the original or not so original, in both case you could have a snapped band or two. :)) Look out for videos on YouTube for lots of help and guides to make awesome things out of these rubber bands. 
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