Lord of the rings, the return of the king DVD

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SORRY.  I accidently put this as a review & guide,  but it is a review,  and im not quite sure how i edit it to a reveiw,  as when i click edit my review and guide,  it doesnt give me the option.  If you know,  please message me! (Im new)



I have written this guide,  as I think the this DVD is personaly the best ever made.  When it was realised into Cinema's worldwide it achieved over 30M+ views,  it was won 11 ACADEMY AWARDS.  And has been classed the BEST PICTURE of 2003!


The story: I wont give you the whole story,  as if you havnt seen this,  i think you should,  and i wont spoil it for you,  i will just give you a brief telling of what its about.


An brilliant tale of two hobbits,  who one of them is the ring bearer of the "one ring".  This ring must be taken to a place of evil and destoryed,  or the whole world falls to the evil of saron,  saraman,  Orcs,  Urukia and other evil.  It is up to Frodo Baggins a Hobbit,  to save the world from evil.

Meanwhile there is a ranger by the name of "Aragon" Or as some may know him from  the fellowship of the ring "Strider".  He is a warrior,  but they are called rangers as they are blessed with extra long life.  He looks like he is in his late 30's or early 40's,  but he is really 84!

There is also an archer by the name of "Legolas".  Legolas is an Elf,  who has unbeliveable archery skills,  he can get an arrow in your heart even if your a mile away... He also is very quick,  and has great agility.  He is personaly my favorite charecter.

Also there is a big fat dwarf called "Gimli".  He isnt very fast,  and is always last when he is travveling with Legolas and Aragon,  but do not make fun of him,  for he is the most powerful out of the 3 with his mighty axe.

Lastley there is a Wizard called "Gandalf".  There are 2 gandalfs,  Played by the same actor (Ian Maccelan) "Gandalf the grey" and "Gandalf the white".  There are 2 Gandalfs as on the first lord of the rings movie (The fellowship of the ring),  Gandalf the grey falls into the shadow realm after fighting a demon  in the mines of moria,  he beat the demon,  but fell with it into the shadow world.  But in the second and third lord of the rings (The Two Towers,  and The Return of the king) He is called gandalf the white,  as he escapes from the shadow world,  and comes back much brighter,  and glowing sort of...In white robes.


I would recomend this DVD to EVERYONE.  It is truely magnificent. 

Rateing out of 10:  11/10


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