Losing out when a chargeback happends

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I sold my nintendo wii on ebay in late january, with it came about 10 quality games loads of controllers, 2 motion plus and other accesories,

The winning bidder had 0 feedback and i should of becarefull (but hey every new ebayer has got to start somewhere) so i gave him a chance seeing as he paid on paypal straight away, i was given a contact number to phone to arrange a time and place for pick up (i decided to do this item as a buyer collects because it would of cost a shed load to send in the post)

3 days later a young polite well dressed african man came to my door and collected the wii

7 days later i received a random message on e-bay from someone who wanted my number so he could speak to me, i asked why? and then he told me, we then spoke on the phone and it turns out that my wii was paid for with a stolen credit card and the guy i was speaking to on the phone was the owner of said credit card

His credit card company ordered a chargeback and i lost because i couldnt prove that the item was sent because he came around and collected it,

paypal (to the best of my knowledge) said that they would dispute this chargeback on my behalf, but they wont reimburst me because i did a buyer collects,

So now i have lost out on my nintendo wii, the money the wii made and also ive been charged fees by both e-bay and paypal

I dont know what to do about it, maybe i should speak to ebay personally seeing as i cannot find a contact number for paypal or maybe even get the police involved

I really dont see why i should loose out because i did nothing wrong, it was both e-bay and paypal who said that the item had been paid for -


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