Lost Magic - Nintendo DS

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At first I thought this game was totally naff and I wanted to stick the stylus through the screen. I found the first battles very hard and nearly impossible to complete, until I started playing a different way.  I found that on the first few battles you must keep healing yourself and your monsters, while doing this your monsters start to kick butt to your enemys, you earn more HP and at the same time you learn how to catch more powerful monsters and obtain better and bigger spells.  You can learn over 400 magic spells and the best way to practise double and triple rune spells is to work on the easier levels such as wetwood that way you can practise to your hearts content without getting too hurt (because your monsters are fighting for you).  Once you get into this game it is hard to put your DS down as you want to get that bit further.  One thing I would recommend is get a decent screen saver or two as you may scratch the screen with all the power runes and spells you draw with your stylus.
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