Lost Mail scam : SELLERS BEWARE

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I have just lost £78 + £4 postage costs + £3.60 Paypal fees to a postage scam.
I live in the UK and the buyer lives in the US.

Firstly I had real trouble getting the money out the buyer with excuses of being in hospital, then of not having enough money etc. A month after the listing ended I filed a non-payment case and the buyer paid. The buyer asked for the items to be posted together by the cheapest method being airmail. I have had no issue with anyone else on over 500 sales so agreed, in order to save the buyer a little money. I sent an invoice with a choice of Insured postage and plain airmail with the specific instructions in an email that the airmail was not a trusted method.
I presumed,  that if the buyer chose the cheaper option, then any loss would be on their head....WRONG!!!!

10 days later I received a 'non-received item' claim for both the items. I pointed out that 10 days was not a long time for something to make it over the Atlantic my airmail and that I had been more than patient with the buyer in allowing them a month to pay. I begged them in an email to wait a little longer for the items to arrive.
Within an hour, the buyer had escalated the case claiming that they had asked for insured postage and the items to be sent separately. I have emails to prove otherwise but eBay decided to give them a full refund of $117. EBay also said that I didn't respond to the case, yet I wrote quite a detailed report!

So, I tried phoning eBay but they said that I had to wait a further 72 hours for their decision on my appeal. Meanwhile I have received an invoice for the money from eBay which also has to be paid in the same timeframe.

I feel that as a seller you are wide open to this abuse. I have proof that I posted the item, just no proof of delivery. I have proof that the buyer was lying in the resolution case, but eBay seems uninterested. I feel very sad about the whole thing as I feel eBay is built on trust, and mine has been destroyed by one devious person.

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