Louis Vuitton fakers !!!

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These days, replicas are becoming so sophisticated that Ebay sellers are getting away with daylight robbery, by advertising them as 100% authentic.  They are displayed as coming with all sorts of cards, LV carrier bags, and serial numbers.  These are all fake.  In fact, LV carrier bags can be bought quite easily on another auction site.  Just a few pointers then to watch out for.

LV bags don't come with handles and hardware wrapped in paper, nor do they have swing tags attached (especially the ones shaped like the leather symbol, in monogram fabric!).  They do not come with credit card sized envelopes and certainly not with plastic authenticity cards.  The care booklets are another invention.  Often not even relevant to the item on sale. All fakes bags have the relevant number on the underneath of the end tag.  They also come complete with fake serial no. under the inside flap.   The pale handles, which you are told will turn a golden honey colour will not turn, since they are not LV cow hide.  The edges are usually a give away, being bright orange and not sealed properly.    Dustbags again, difficult to tell in a photo, are usually thin and tacky whereas the authentic ones are quite thick and you can't see daylight through them!  Worst of all is that these bags are selling for in excess of 100.00 these days.

I just hate to see hard-earned money being wasted.  There is no such thing as  LV Seconds or factory rejects.  Brand new and authentic bags are only in LV stores - not in constant supply to Ebay sellers! 

100% positive feedback is also misleading.  It usually means there are many people who simply don't know what a real bag looks like.  But you will never get that umistakable smell of leather, when you open these bags and you will resent it when you realise you've been had!

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