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The best way to know whether an item is genuine Lovelinks is in accordance with the company guidelines.

Lovelinks murano items made from 2011 onwards - have the word Lovelinks and the letters JAa followed by 925 (the silver hallmark)

Lovelinks items made before 2011 - have the words Lovelinks twice followed by 925 (the silver hallmark)

Lovelinks silver items - have 925 only

JAa are the intials of Jens A Aagaard the founder of Lovelinks, so the lettering now displayed on Lovelinks jewellery is the original jewellers hallmark. If you see this hallmark on your jewellery you can rest assured your item is genuine.

Many jewellers currently still have old stock and are unaware of the marking changes the Lovelinks website will confirm this information.
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