Low low starting prices High high Postage prices!

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When buying jewellery online it is very easy to be fooled into thinking you are getting a good deal and you missi the posatge and the surcharges. With the new Royal Mail postage sytem it is becoming more expensive for many ebayers in the UK to send items. At WFC Shop we have gone through a drastic repricong sytem to make buyers more confident and to try and stand out from the crowd. Do not be fooled by 1 penny items, chances are they are not what they say they are and the postage charges are so high. We have been forced by ebay and Royal Mail to re look at our origional policy of including import fees in our postage costs and now (at extra cost to us we put it in the starting price) this means that our prices on first site seem more expensive but take a closer look. Our prices have not changed at all just a reshuffle. So I plead with all UK buyers do not be conned into paying more postage than you need buy from UK buyers offering realistic postage options.

When buying first thing you should check what postage options they offer and if there is an extra charge for insurance and were is it coming from if it is from the UK anything over £4 (for a small item) question with the buyer unless they are offering special delivery. If it is coming from the far east if it does not include any insurance and is over £3 then they are over charging you on the postage do not buid or buy from them as if it gets lost you will never see it or your money again. If it includes insurance make sure it has a tracking number which you can search and if it is over £6 questions again as why pay 1 penny for the item and £14 for postage when you could by the item for £3.99 + £1.99 for UK recorded delivery. eBay and every proper seller needs buyers to buy from genuine sellers who price their items correctly as the sellers offering 1 penny bids are taking revenue away from ebay which is forcing ebay to put up their prices which for many is really starting to hurt. If you pay over the odds for postage report the seller to ebay the only way to solve this is to remove these members who are affecting sells of legitimate sellers.

Also beaware of sellers who use the same pictures of other sellers if it is watermarked check to see if the watermark corresponds to the seller if it does not do not buy from them you do not know what you will be getting. Report the user to ebay! For example our pics all have WFC Shop.co.uk written on them and they have started to appear on other sellers let me state clearly we have never given anyone permission to use our pics and report any we see to ebay. Please also note anyone who is useing our pics has nothing what so ever to do with us and I am sure that is the case for many others sellers.

I hope you have found the above useful and support for UK sellers grows as we need all the support we can get!
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