*Lozzy*s Guide To Mini Motos & Mini Motard Dirt Bikes !

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Hello All.

I'd Just like to give a quick say which you will find helpful if you're looking to buy a mini-moto / mini-motard / mini-dirt bike.

If you're looking for a standard bike, just to use for small races and playing about on then here are some tips on buying your vehicle:

1) BUY THE CHEAPEST AVAILABLE - (unless looking to buy a branded model)

REASON: All non-branded mini bikes come from the same factory in CHINA. All are the same performance and all have the same parts internally. Some may look dofferent as the Fairing (plastics) may varie.


REASON: If a bike is 2nd hand then dont worry, this is normally better as the engine has been broke in and will work much better. Also you know it will work as many new bikes have problems due to the cheapness on them.


REASON: Just enjoy your mini bike. Get the max out of it! Dont worry about damaging them as they are basically in-destructable machines with simple and cheap spares and just a 2stroke engine.

Thank you for reading and hope this helps! Any problems with your bike or buying, please email me!

Kind regards to all...


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