Lucie Rie and cracked pots.

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Lucie Rie had very high standards.

All potters from time to time let things go that  would normally end up in the bin. A pot might just make the cut despite its flaws, because overall it just has that indefinable ....... something. Lucie Rie was no exception. I was lucky enough to have known her and visited her on many occasions. I have smashed hundreds of my own pots due to her telling me to keep my standards high.

She made pots to be used and her famous domestic pottery graced the shelves of high end stores and galleries as well as the tables her many wealthy clients. If you had gone to her back in the day to collect your tea or coffee set and there had been one saucer with a crack in the base, she would not have said,
"I find cracks acceptable, here is your service."
She would not have sold you the saucer. She might have given it to you as a spare though.

Also she often made saucers without indents to hold the cups in place. They were not "classic" dishes! They were saucers that could be used as a small plate if you sadly broke the cup.

So if you ever bought a "classic" dish from an eBay seller who wrote in their description that Lucie Rie found cracks acceptable then they probably just made it up! To me that would be lying!

Beware folks, its a ceramic jungle out there!

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