Luminox 99 ff Digital Camera

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Don't buy one.

In 2007-2008 these cameras were advertised in supermarkets at half price - £60.  Unless somebody offers you one of these cameras for free or less than a couple of quid, avoid them like the plague. My wife bought one thinking that it was a half-price bargain.

The Luminox 99ff is a 9 million megapixel digital camera.  That's the good point.

It's small - very small - and any slight tremor in your hand when you use it .. the photos are distorted and 'bent'.  It's definitely not a camera for alcoholics.

It comes without a lens cap - and because of   the    design where the lens fits flush with the body, there's no way you can adapt a lens cap to fit, other than keeping it in a cammera case.  Truth is, in normal use when you have it in a pocket, that lens is very easily scratched.

The biggest bugbear is the 'zoom'.  Use the zoom and you end up with photos that are so pixelated that the photo is unuseable.

It's a cheap and nasty.  Don't bother.  If this model of camera was a fish it would be absolute carp.

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