Lundby/Sindy Restoration & Cleaning Vintage Items!

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I have the feeling care & help is needed for starters & some sellers in this issue. Again, I am awaiting an expert to contribute to these issues. This is not forth coming, as far as I can tell. However, I have very good friends, from them I have learned so very much, and this MUST be passed on to others (some super tips, from big collectors here)!!!!

First, regardless of house, or Lundby/Sindy or Doll, any surface dirt, PLEASE start with baby wipes (surface house& faicial dirt may be removed)! I have known the value of these for some years now (very good for dusting vintage houses also, and removing nicotine & smell), but, if these fail, many thanks to Jesamine Kelly (ebay ID; shortpaws), for the tip on nail varnish remover. BE CAREFUL, & go slow with this (esp on vintage houses). It can be used on the dolls also. If not used gently & slowly, it will remove the surface problem pluss the original paint!!!! If the dirt/stain on any doll will not respond to this, it is safe to say it will not respond to any removal (unless you can tell me more)!

The less you do, the better, but some times a good deal needs done to bring an item back to life (again I call for others to help here!). With any dolls, Lundby, or other, so long as they have hair plugs, you will be astounded at the change a wash with shampoo & conditioner can do to a doll that looks dragged through a hedge backwards! AS GOOD AS NEW (try it!!!!!!). Many, many thanks for this tip given by  (ebay ID) jo-mini-moes ( Wash, condition & rinse & combe like normal hair, the result is fabulous!!!!

I do hope this (for now short item ) will help some, at least with dolls Lundby or Sindy, having a very bad hair day!!!! And I hope to add to this in future as I learn more! I know the end result with both Lundby Vintage dolls & Sindy & Patch dolls, who had very tangled hair (some sticky!). I have to say this is some of the best advice I have had to date.

Please, if you can contribute, DO!!!! On the Vintage houses, of any maker, use what I have said with common sence! Start with the baby wipes, then VERY careful with the nail varnish remover. You may not need to go paint stripping to the extreme, you want to see if the origonal is under there & save that. So, slowly & surely does it!!!!!!!!!

I do hope this will help some folk & perhaps, just perhaps, prompt others to give info to help us all. We all do want to keep Vintage items in pristine order, if we poss` can......If you can add to this, Many thanks!!!!!!!!!!

With the Kindest Regards & best of All Luck!!!

Alison & the boys!Xxxxx

PS/ These tips do NOT relate to Grecon or Half penny dolls, can anyone help with them?!!!

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