Lure Fishing Rigging Jelly Shads & Soft Baits

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A Guide To Rigging Shads

The Shad Or Soft Bait Is Probably One Of The Most Effective Lures On The Angling Market Today. Made From A Soft Latex Material, The Shad Not Only Looks Life Like But Also Feels Life Like, Giving It The Upper Hand In All Of Todays Angling Situations.

There Are Many Ways To Rig A Shad And Below Are Some Of The Tried And Tested Methods For Species Such As:

Saltwater  : Bass, Pollock, Cod, Ling, Mackerel And Garfish.

Freshwater  : Pike, Zander, Perch And Even Trout.

Although The Above Named Fish Are The Normal Targeted Species, Others Seem To Fall For These Lures Whilst Fishing For The Above, Seatrout, Gurnard, Wrasse, Pouting, Scad And Also Turbot Have all Fallen Foul To The Pulling Power Of The Shad And That's To Name But A Few. One Angler Reported FOURTEEN Saltwater Species In One Season Whilst Drift Fishing From His Boat With These Lures Using The Various Methods As Listed Below.

So.... What Is The Best Method To Use Whilst Fishing A Soft Bait?

The Diagrams And Examples Listed Below Are Merely A Guide And Are NOT The Hard Fast Rules Of Fishing A Shad Bait, However These Rigs And Set Ups Have Been Responsible For Many Species And Could Save You Valuable Time And Effort In Experimenting With Incorrect Or Insufficient Methods.

1 : The Leadhead !  

Although The Leadhead Seems To Be The Obvious Answer For Simple Rigging It Is Probably The Method That Inhibits The Shad The Most. The Majority Or All Of The Unrigged Shads Available Nowadays Are Buoyant And This I Feel Is A Key Factor To Its Fish Catching Success.

The Leadhead Is Suitable For The Larger Shads In The Range, 150mm Plus (or 6" to us imperial measurers), And Is Also A Vital Part To The Jelly Worm Anglers Tackle Bag, But When Using A Smaller Softbait The Leadhead Will Only Allow The Shads Tail To Work "Killing" Its Floating And Rising Qualities. That Said, Fished With The Hook Point Protruding From The Top Of The Lure Will Help You To Bounce The Shad Over Underwater Obsticles And Snags Getting Near To The Species That Like To Ambush From Underwater Structure.

2 : The Flying Collar !

A Superb Method For Drift Fishing In Deep Water From 30 to 180ft And A Must Try For Any Saltwater Boat Angler Fishing Over Rough Ground Or Wartime Wrecks.

This Tried And Tested Method Has Been Used For Years With Redgill Lures, Live baits, Single Feathers And Fish Strips And Suits The Shad Perfectly, Its Buoyant Quality Gives The Shad A Stuggling Fish Action That ALL Deepwater Species simply Can't Ignore!

3 : The Split Shot Rig!

This Is Another Deadly Method For Casting And Trolling For All Species. Weighted Correctly This Rig Will Outfish Most And Give The Lure A Realistic Life Like Quality. Cast From The Shore Or A Drifting Boat In Shallow Water This Method Will Prove Deadly For Literaly Everything From Bass To Garfish.

An 11ft Carp Rod And Fixed Spool Reel Loaded With 6-12lb Line (the Lighter The Better) Will Soon Have You Hooked Up With Your Targeted Quarry. One Of  Our Customers Alerted Me To This Teqnique And I Haven't Looked Back Since. Garfish, Mackerel And Scad Respond To This Method As Keenly As They Would A Float Fished Fish Strip, Bass And Pollock Also Treat It With The Same Response Fished Cast Or Trolled In Shallow Water From A boat. If You Have Shads In Your Lure Box Or Bag, Try This, It WILL get Results.

 4 : The Ball Lead Rig!

A Very Similar Rig To The Split Shot Rig Above Except This Time The Lead Will Be Fixed At A distance Of 4-6ft Infront Of The Lure Instead Of Being Attached To Its Nose.

This Is Really The Standard Trolling Set Up But Can Be Cast, You'll Need To "Feather" The Line Just Prior To The Shad Hitting The Water Surface To Throw The Shad Forward And Prevent Tangles, The Same As You Would With A Cast Float.

Trolled 30 Yards + Behind A Boat In Shallow Water Upto 15ft Deep At A Speed From 4-6 Knots Will Soon Put A Bass In The Box.

5 : The Blood Loop Paternoster!

Another Classic Rig For Deeper Water, Two Lures Fished In Tandem And Jigged Over Deep Rough Ground Or Wrecks For Species Such As Cod, Pollock And Ling. The Lead Weight On The Bottom Of This Rig Can Be Replaced With A Large Chrome Pirk For Added Attraction But Will Increase Your Chances Of More Fish And Sadly More Snags.

This Rig Can Also Be Cast From The Shore, The Lead Can Be Bounced Along The Bottom Creating Small Puffs And Clouds Of Sand Provoking The Weariest Of Fish To Strike. The Stiffness Of The Mono Loops Also Allows This Rig To Be Cast Great Distances Without The Worry Of Tangles.


We Hope This Guide Will Give You An Idea Of What Rig Or Set Up You Will Need For Your Target Species And The Area In Which You Will be Fishing!

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Good Fishing!

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