Luxury Leather Sofas.

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What a lot of people neglect to consider when purchasing a sofa is what is on the inside of a sofa?
Frames for sofas are very important. This is after all the part of the sofa that is always in use and must endure the most wear.
When we talk about the frame, what we are talking about is the internal structure of the sofa that is load bearing (Supports the weight of the people sitting on it)
Poor quality sofa frames will commonly be constructed using MDF, Chipboard, Metal tubing, soft wood or very thin solid wood.
A better quality sofa will be constructed using a solid hardwood frame. The frame should reasonably be an absolute minimum of 1000 mill in width. We at Vintage Leather sofas will always opt for a minimum 1500 mill frame. 
The wood typically used in frame construction will be beech or birch.
It is also common practice when making sofas to use materials such as MDF, Chipboard or heavy duty packing, high density foam to bolster sofas. This is not a negative. It is simply padding and not integral to the load bearing aspect of the sofa. It is just extra support (most manufacturers will not even bother.)
Genuine high end bespoke sofa manufacturers will even use horse hair to bolster the padding out of a sofa from frame to leather (Expect to pay 5k + for manufacturers using such techniques) If required we at Vintage Leather Sofas can offer this service.
The next important factor when deciding if your chosen luxury leather sofa is really of the required quality is the BASE.
In terms of  sofa bases (the materials used to support cushions and laid on top of the frame)
The cheapest lowest quality type of base will be a web sprung base (A large heavy duty elastic band) These are common on most imported sofas.
On mid range sofas (1k - 2,5k)  you should expect a serpentine metal sprung base. (Used on standard sofas at Vintage Leather Sofas)
At the higher end of the market you should be looking for a coil sprung base (These sofas will generally be 3k plus) Vintage Leather Sofas once again can offer this base if required.
As with most things in life you generally get what you pay for with sofas.
At Vintage Leather Sofas we manufacture all sofas with velcro dust covers on the underside, this means that you can actually look inside our sofas and verify that you are getting all of the above quality components.
Beware, we know of lots of so called Premium Manufacturers that produce sofas overseas and fill the internals of their sofas with poor quality components, see above.
If you are unable to see inside the sofa then ask for a written guarantee of components and build quality. You will be genuinely surprised  that many retailers simply do not know what materials are used in the construction of their sofas or more fiendishly will refuse to tell you!
A rule of thumb (This is our very biased opinion) is to buy British. Most imported sofas will use some of the unsavoury practices outlined above. Even the Italians are prone to using SPLIT leather on the sides and rear of sofas (see other guide)
If a retailer is less than forthcoming on the origin of their sofas then you get your bottom dollar that they are importing from Eastern Europe or China.

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