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Marketing - Tips For Item Titles:

The item title for your auction is the most important thing to get right to get the best sale price. You need to think like a potential buyer to make the best possible profit.


When a buyer makes a search - like, "Toy Car" the ebay search engine will bring up every item title which has "Toy Car" in the heading. So you need to use as many words in your item title that a buyer is likely to use when searching

Example: Rather than listing your item as "Diecast Toy Car" add additional words like:

"Vintage Dinky Die-cast Ford Cortina Toy Car"

Your listing will then be found when any of the words are used by the buyer to search, either on their own or in combination, eg "Vintage Dinky" "Toy Ford" "Toy Car" "Dinky Toy" "Dinky Die-cast" "Vintage Ford" etc, etc, etc. More potential buyers will find your auction and place a bid.

Another way to improve your LISTING visibility is by writing your title in CAPITALS. If you do this and use most of the available characters the ITEM TITLE will be spread over 2 lines in the search results. This tactic is as good as paying the extra to have a coloured band inserted behind your listing  as it achieves the same objective for FREE - your listing STANDS OUT and therefore has greater VISIBILITY to potential buyers. Using CAPITALS in the title has no adverse effect on searches as the function isn't case sensitive.

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