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Speaking both as a buyer and seller, here follow a few of our own observations based on personal experience:

We are finding our local sub post offices (Royal Mail) to be very helpful and efficient.  By chatting with the staff there, we found out their collection times, diversity of delivery methods, etc.

We noted that our items often arrive a day or few days earlier than we expected, especially when the rare strike actions were on, and serious adverse weather conditions were reported - not just in UK but World Wide. 

Partly this is due to the UK Royal Mail/other Mail & Courier Services, International Mail Services, and the networks they have set up and improved upon with modern technology and know-how over many years.  It is also partly to do with the pride the sub post-offices take in their provision of excellent service and delivery records. It is the staff, the people who operate the Mail Service Systems, who co-operate locally & internationally to create a reliable and efficient service.

There are also plenty of other courier firms operating, and we are lucky to have found some of the best, as and when we need them.

We have found that the Post Master General was happy to receive information when things went wrong (mainly due to mis-information being given/poorly worded literature, down to poor training of staff), so they could put things right with clearer information on leaflets, etc. and well trained, well informed staff. 

That was in our earlier days on ebay, which is how we learned how to utilize the mail services to deliver our sold items in good time - even during peak delivery times (Christmas) etc, simply by making allowances for any conditions prevailing, such as week-end/mid-week closing days, National Holidays (Holidays can be defined as Holy Days - now contracted to Holidays, which is how they began historically - so these relate to any Festivities or any and all Religious Observances of any denomination, anywhere World Wide.

Now as for this much vaunted Climate Change, well, this is England were we are situated, the climate changes every day, it is cold or cool in the morning, hot or hotter at mid-day, and cold or cooler at night - that is just in the summer.  It rains often but not always when we want rain, sometimes we have thunder storms, and hail stones (frozen rain) are not too uncommon, although infrequent.  In fact it is said "four seasons can occur in one day in England/UK".  It is true, I have observed this myself, it included snow in spring or summer, I forget which now. 

As for the recent deluge in UK, which is causing so much devastation and misery, well, I read about similar happenings in the Bible, Monsoons and such happen regularly Overseas, Africa and elsewhere suffer mainly from drought/lack of rain, In India tiny children are put in canoes at an early age, while their parents live in houses on stilts in lake or river locations.  America and Australia/Australasia being continents, have extreme weather conditions at their extremities (forest fires spring to mind) on a regular basis, Europe seems to experience these same climate changes, as do the Esquimaux people and local populations everywhere.  And somehow, as always, since time immemorial, since time began, since all live evolved, and new ways of coping evolved and are still evolve, Humans - and all the other Creatures who fly, swim or walk or crawl over, on, or through the earth, the Fauna and Flora, all cope, evolve or devise new survival strategies. The noun Creature derives from : that which has been created, a creation.  Creatures are created through pro-creation/evolution.  A hat or coat, shoes, a dress, a car, these are also creations, man-made-creations.  The Postal Systems are also devised and created by people and operated by people - and machines.  Machines/Machinery/Cybernetics/Robotics - the stuff of science fiction - much of which is now fact.  I am a cyber-punk myself.  Cyber-Punk - someone who by using a machine - computer/ car/ship/airplane/Electric Kettle/ Washing Machine/telephone - a bus or sky bus (air plane) is just a machine/vehicle - on it's own, it can do nothing.  With a human to operate these machines,  wonders are being performed all the time, and new inventions ever in the pipeline.  Goodness Me, Whatever Next ?

So as usual, climate change is just a daily challenge to overcome in one's struggle to survive - and earn a living.  So spare a thought for your postmen and women.  It is their personal pride and dedication in doing a good day's work  for (enabled by) a good day's pay that helps make an Ebay Transaction the enjoyable experience it most often is.

Of course there are a few blips/problems/challenges to overcome now and again - seasonally, due to seasonal climate changes.  Interesting how so many people rise to the challenge/challenges caused by ADVERSITY.   And yet, nowadays, we take our post people for granted - in days gone by it was not always thus.

And is it not a boon to us all to think the mail services are there, to deliver missives (letters) or packets/sea mail/ airmail (almost like manna from heaven/the skies) so we have contact with friends and family all over the Globe (within the Firmament as I recall from my readings).  Even dis-abled people, temporarily or permanently house-bound people can do their shopping (food/clothes, anything else/gifts for making contact with friends and family) by mail order (which is what ebay essentially is - a mail order service).

So this is really in praise of Local Mail/Delivery Services everywhere.  I will leave you with a thought - 'NEVER shoot the Messenger' - we value you because you rarely complain but remain so reliable .  You cheer us up and keep us all in contact, even enable new contacts with other Human Beings Globally.  Thank you postmen and women everywhere, for your wonderful service.

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