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I found that there were some EBAY buyers who,for reasons of their own,asked for a refund as their Item had "not arrived"?.I now charge only 25p more than was my usual,and I send ALL CD's,Records and smaller Items Via 2nd CLASS RECORDED DELIVERY in the UK.Since doing so,I have NEVER had an Item "go missing".A 7" Disc is £1.75 to include a Mailer,a stiffener and a good quality Polythene outer sleeve,all sent via 2nd Class Recorded Delivery for £1.75 in Mailing total.The Recorded Delivery of ONE of these Items is approx.£1.38 and when the cost of the Mailer,stiffener and Polythene sleeve is added,it's £1.68 leaving 7p per Item to pay for the stickers,pens etc.,and on the few Items that are slightly heavier,it is almost exactly that amount of £1.75 for Posting,and I add 50p to each 7" after,including sent via R.D.NO Insurance is now required for under £30.00,in any RARE case of loss etc.,so it's an ideal way of Mailing Items in the UK,in my opinion,and I believe I am not alone in this opinion.I looked for a certain CD today,found it,and when I saw the P&P costs,I didn't buy it,even tho' it was only 99p at.£1.80 for EACH Item Postage,with NO discounts for multiple buys,and sent Via 2nd Class ordinary Mail.WHAT METHOD WOULD YOU PLACE YOUR FAITH IN?.£1.80 for EACH CD or 7"?,no way Jose I say!!.Another CD was 99p and the P&P in the UK was £6.16p!!!!!!!!what a rip-off.They should be drummed out of eBAY NOW!!.Murray,haggis-n-neeps.

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