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I have found that when Mailing LP's or 7" Vinyls that buyers are really responsive to my using a new Polythene Sleeve as well as TWO Stiffeners in the Card Mailers and my feedback via emails for buiyers is VERY positive.It doesn't cost a lot,I charge for the UK,NOTHING for P&P but when I list the Item,potential buyers can SEE what they get when buying from me,and I get a lot of buyers returning for more.LP's & 7" Items are ALL FREE POSTAGE.....What is the point in selling an excellent or better LP or 7" Item and not Packaging it professionally?,as that service is exactly what we Vinyl Buyers want from Sellers,well I DO!!.

2nd Class UK Parcel Mail is around £1.98 to mail,more or less,and the cost of the NEW 400gm Polythene Sleeve & the stiffeners as well as the specially bought Card Mailer is at a total cost of approx.£2.76....That is covered by the £4.99 start price for ALL the LP's I intend to sell on EBAY now so if that is the price after Auction,or even the BUY IT NOW price,then you have a profit of at least £2.24 for your 12" Items.Better than a 99p or less as the former start price isn't it?....£2.99 was the previous 7" Mailing/Packaging cost so that works out using the same principles but with the lesser costs.

Some LP's have Gate-Fold Sleeves....some have Posters or Inserts etc.which can,and sometimes do,which makes that LP heavier.If one or two are heavier,then it's swings and roundabouts as it were,lose a few pence on one but regain it on another lighter 12" Item.I hope I have been of some help to EBAY'ers?.....I hope you can understand what I am getting at,and just as importantly,why I am suggesting it????.......

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